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Quality & Value

Quality is the consistent delivery of wonderful authentic experience to our customers. We strive to stay in tune with our customers and seek their feedback.

We also pride ourselves on putting together authentic private programs that don’t have a ‘theme park’ feel. We’re constantly on the lookout for features to offer to your program. We don’t do boring stuff. We also charge for the tour, not per head. A small group will often find our private, tailor-made excursions less expensive than one of those ‘run of the mill’ package bus tours.


A Personal Touch with Flexibility

Margaret River is our home, and we want to share it with you. To make your trip special, we always engage in a conversation before we start designing a program, and we remain flexible along the way as well. We will always have a plan, but if something unexpected comes up, we can accommodate change.

Language won’t separate us – We’ve got friends all around the world and language has never come between us. If you know a few words of conversational English, we’ll get along just fine.


Local Connectivity & Social Responsibility

Margaret River is our home, and so we maintain industry relationships, a responsible environmental awareness and a passion for what we do. Bill is a member and Past President of Rotary Margaret River. Rotary is a worlwide community service club.

We are conscious of the potential impact we have on our environment. We are careful not to waste anything, not to pollute anything and to leave no trace of our presence in the wilderness areas we visit. We maintain almost two hectares of native bushland to provide a wildlife refuge and to help offset our CO2 emissions.

Professional Associations

We ensure our connection to the enterprise community by maintaining membership of:

  • Margaret River Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Friends of the Cape to Cape Track Association
  • Margaret River Wine Industry Association
  • The Western Australian Tourism Association
Quality Accreditation

We endeavour to ensure our product quality by maintaining accreditation with:

  • TQAL – the national Tourism Accreditation Scheme
  • The WA Chapter of the National Tourism Accreditation Program
  • The Department of Environment and Conservation Accreditation Program

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Meet Your Local Tour Guides


Valma is an educator (teacher) with a lifetime of teaching experience all around Australia, Papua New Guinea and the United States. She was born and raised in the south-west of Western Australia, growing up on a large farm with beef and dairy cattle and fruit orchard.


Bill’s career as a teacher and  an Air Force officer has taken us to far flung places around the world. We’ve lived and explored in every state in Australia, plus Papua New guinea (twice) and a few years in Philadelphia in the USA.  We’re always ‘itchy’ to learn about new places and people. We hope you are a bit that way too.

A Personal Note From Us

Hi & Welcome to Margaret River Confluence, our own creation, made in the way we like to explore the world ourselves.

We are Bill and Valma. We are lucky enough to live in Margaret River on our own secluded 5 acre plot, which is the site of the first school established in the Margaret River district back in the early 1900’s. We use the bush and our hundreds of native trees to offset the environmental impact of Margaret River Confluence. We don’t ‘hug’ our trees, but we value them as we nestle in this environment with native birds and animals and vineyards around us.

We own and operate Margaret River Confluence because we believe Margaret River and the southern half of Western Australia are such unique and beautiful places that  deserves to be seen at their best. For first time visitors to Western Australia, the initial challenge is to focus on an area of interest. It is such a big state (1/3 of Australia) that it’s easy to be overwhelmed. Let us share the best of the area with our hand crafted Private Tours.

We started in 2001 with the intention of staying small while delivering the best-ever insights and experiences in and around Margaret River. We don’t employ anyone; we don’t make our tours about US and we don’t ever plan to expand. We are happy to let ‘tourists’ do their thing; our ‘thing’ is authentic, hand crafted Private Tours. There’s plenty of ‘cheap and cheery, in-your-face’ tours to choose from in Margaret River … but we’re not one of them!

Our aim is to bring you the best experiences and to take care of the details, just as you would if you were hosting guests. Your curiosity is what motivates us as we operate Margaret River Confluence.

We invite you to join us to explore the best parts of Margaret River and the vast and diverse expanses of Western Australia.

Kind Regards,

Valma & Bill

Tour Testimonials

Our business is founded on good ethics. We don’t believe in distorting the feedback system to our own ends, which means we don’t chase the ‘top spot’ in Trip Advisor or any other online gimmick. Feedback from our previous customers is here on our website and there are many more reviews on Trip Advisor, and we encourage you to take a look at them.

Your unsolicited support is the most valuable component of our business, so any recommendations you make online or in person to your friends is so very welcome. Most of all we welcome your feedback. Constructive criticism helps us move forward and is always welcome.

“We had a real blast in Margaret River! Everything from the apartment we stayed, to the vineyard visits and of course, the wines we got to taste, was near perfection!

My intention was to open up the group’s opinion and perspective regarding Australian wines. Allow them a feel of how the “New World” vineyards look and feel like. Get in-depth to how they operate, what motivates them and how they are a vital part of the world of wines! Our visit to Margaret River did all that and then some!

Everyone left without a doubt, that Margaret River produces not only the best wines in Australia, but her wines have a place among the best in the world!

We had no doubt too, that YOU were the STRONGEST LINK in our fabulous adventure!

Margaret River will always remain very special indeed, in our hearts and minds! I’m very sure, each time we savour another of her wines, we will remember how beautiful Margaret River is, the wonderful time we spent there and how generous and wonderful the people are.

We will never forget how we met and made a great friend called Bill Ivory! Your dedication and professionalism made the real difference to our experience! Your generosity, kindness, charm and humility, warmed us all! Thank you Bill for everything!”

— Low Julian

“We were indeed lucky to have Bill as our guide in Margaret River. He was professional, dedicated, and went out of his way to ensure that we had the best time there. He made excellent suggestions on where to visit, and was always prepared for every contingency. It was a blessing to have someone who is deeply familiar with the area, and can suggest places to visit and make the necessary bookings.

During the time we spent together, we grew to appreciate Bill for his heartwarming generosity, and his genuine care and concern for our group. It was also amazing how he managed to remember all of our names after one introduction! Whenever the itinerary hit a snafu, we could depend on Bill to come up with a solution.

Thank you Bill, for making our visit to Margaret River a memorable one.”

— Chek Wong – Air Sommelier Singapore Airlines

“Peggy and I wanted to thank you again for a great tour of Margaret River. You are by far the best guide we have had the fortune to meet across our travels around the world. Informative, friendly and knowledgeable. We felt so good about our time with you that we will be bringing a large group back there at year end for a MR tour and will be sure we request you.

Thanks again for a great time and making our trip memorable.”

— Alan & Peggy Hoskins